Parent Testimonials

Nico learned more and had more fun in 7 weeks with the Sharp Shooters than ever before. Best of all, he was excited about playing hockey again! The small team allowed Coach Darin to work with him often, individually. We look forward to more Sharp Shooters in the future.
The Rubino Family (99 Birthyear)

The Sharp Shooters was awesome. It really helped Tyler to be playing with other top players. It pushes the kids to take their game to the next level, and Darin’s right there to help them develop the skills necessary to do it. Darin focuses on making sure the kids are doing the simple things that can really impact their game. Having a small group gets the kids a lot of repetitions of doing things right and lots of ice time in the games.
The Starbeck Family (00 Birthyear)

We really enjoyed our time with the Sharp Shooters and saw how much Braden developed. Having him skate with players of similar abilities not only made hockey fun for him, but also made him play at a higher level. The small team format also encouraged players to step up their game. It was exciting to see Darin and his assistant coaches pull out the best from each player and help to create a strong tournament team. Not only did the coaches teach hockey skills, but they instilled confidence in the boys. We got to see first hand how the team learned, developed, competed, and dominated! Braden said it best, "I’m proud to be a Sharp Shooter!"
The Wu Family (02 Birthyear)

Sharp Shooters was an awesome experience for Kurt.  Coach Darin has the extraordinary ability of bringing together a group of “individual” elite players, improving them and turning them into a high-performance tournament team. He always puts the needs of the players first while keeping them focused on the objectives of the systems during practice and games. His love for hockey is infectious and the players respond well to his enthusiasm and shared commitment to excellence. This unique talent combination enables him to create instant rapport with the players and guarantees the loyalty of those fortunate enough to play for him.  The Bench Family (99 Birthyear)

One of the best hockey experiences for Ryan is with the Sharp Shooters. Ryan got to play with great players and received individual coaching from Coach Darin. Coach Darin worked with us to assess Ryan’s strengths and weaknesses. Based on that, Ryan was given individual coaching to improve on his defensive positioning and how to play as an offensive defenseman. Ryan was given specific instructions on puck handling and shooting. It is refreshing to see that a defenseman was getting some attention! Coach Darin’s passion and knowledge of hockey really helped each and every player on the Sharp Shooters to be their best every time they are on the ice. We believe that if we expect the best effort from our kids, they will deliver. Being on the Sharp Shooters helped reinforce that philosophy and it showed every time the kids hit the ice. Once we saw how well the kids worked together, passing, covering for each other, we got to see REAL hockey!
The Yoshida Family (99 Birthyear)