Friends And Neighbors of Sharp Shooters

Global Voice and Data is your one-stop-solution Network Services Provider. With a network of local, national and global telecom providers, GVAD will custom design a communication network to deliver efficient voice and data services to your business.

Montage Capital delivers short-term debt financing to emerging growth and small cap publicly-traded companies. Montage provides funding to innovative companies that are managed by talented and driven entrepreneurs who are targeting large markets with unique products or services

AeroFund is a financial services company providing financial solutions to small and medium sized businesses. AeroFund provides Accounts Receivable Lines of Credit, A/R Management, Credit Analysis and Online Reporting and much more.

Vintagio provides you with high quality, private label wine for your business, group or event.  Become the talk of the town with your own private-label wine of exquisite quality and character featuring your own custom label.