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The Sharp Shooters consist of players from the San Francisco Bay Area. The team’s primary facility is Sharks Ice at San Jose. Using this location, and because most of the players are from the greater San Jose area, the team adopted the name “San Jose Sharp Shooters”.

This is important to the team and the families because when we travel, spectators are very complimentary and always ask where the Sharp Shooters are from. When they are told “California”, they are shocked. Quite simply, they can’t believe California, specifically Northern California, can produce quality hockey players or teams.

Further, it is very important to note that the Sharp Shooters is not a team made up of “imports”, that is players from outside areas.  All the players on the 2002 Sharp Shooters have played together for more than two years! Sharp Shooters Hockey is about the development of the players.  It is focused on the local Northern California talent pool.  We build an environment of fun and healthy competition amongst the players, while pursuing fundamental and technical development of individual skills.  We employ training of age appropriate hockey sense such as ice awareness and ‘read and react’, and also introduce basic team play tactics and strategies. We encourage communication, discipline and good eating habits.  Last, and equally as important, we foster growing young men of sound character.

The San Jose Sharp Shooters is made up of families committed to the proper overall development of their player. The Sharp Shooters program is well rounded as player rotate to different positions for different tournaments. It follows the USA Hockey’s ADM and Long Term Athlete Development which includes comprehensive off ice training as well as classroom time with the goal of fostering an everlasting love for the game and camaraderie amongst the kids.

Aside from the hockey development, Sharp Shooters families travel together to make every destination an exciting “event”. From tailgate parties in the parking lot of Sharks Ice in San Jose to training camp weekends in vacation-like destinations.  The Sharp Shooters participated in a weekend training camp in early October in beautiful Lake Tahoe, California. The camp included over 9 hours of ice time on the weekend and 3 hours of off ice training in beautiful Lake Tahoe with Strength and Conditioning Coach, Nina Edmunds.

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The 2011-2012 San Jose Sharp Shooters will participate in the following tournaments:

  • October 13-16: Warrior AAA - Detroit - Tournament Summary
  • November 4-6: NikeBauer AAA - Chicago - Tournament Summary
  • November 24-27: Pacific District Regional Silver Stick - San Jose - Tournament Summary
  • December 26-30: Winter Classic - San Jose (Confirmed)
  • January 13-15: I80 – Vacaville (Tentative)
  • January 20-22: US Silver Stick Final – Sarnia, Ontario (Confirmed)
  • February 18-20: 02 AAA Super Series - Los Angeles (Confirmed)
  • April: Chitown Shuffle - Chicago, or Minnesota Made Stars and Stripes - Minnesota
  • May 25-28: Carmen Starr - Los Angeles
  • June 14-17: North American Hockey Classic – Winnipeg, Manitoba

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