Sharp Shooter was conceived out of a 3 on 3 Tournament team in 2008. At that time, the coach put together a group of elite players from the Mite age group. With little instruction the players worked together very well, winning the tournament.

The group participating in this first effort is pictured below: Coach, Darin Scott with Cross North, Ryan Yoshida, Harrison Scott, Jackson Oleson and Max Scott.

After talking to elite hockey coaches in the area, the conclusion was drawn that having small groups of players at advanced, similar skill levels and of similar age groups, allowed for coaching to be more effective. Smaller groups of players provided for more individualized attention. Advanced skill sets provide for more focused coaching with more rapid player development. Similar age groups provided for less distractions from unfocused players.

The theory was tested with a full team in the Spring of 2009. Not only did the team perform well and win the tournament, many tournament attendees, including opposing coaches, inquired as to how the development of the Sharps Shooters team was achieved. Click here to go to the Inaugural Team page.

In addition, and perhaps most importantly, the players’ parents noticed marked improvement in their player’s own abilities and satisfaction, and were thrilled with the amount of ice time their player received in the games. Click here to go to the Parent Testimonials page.

In the fall of 2009, four of those Inaugural Team players returned to the 3 on 3 function (now a Jamboree) to form a second Sharp Shooters 3 on 3 team. This team dominated it’s opponents in the Squirt A bracket. The team’s wins were so convincing, the team was moved up to the PeeWee B bracket for the Winter 3 on 3 Jamboree. Again, the team convincingly dominated its opponents. That team is pictured below, from left: Kurt Bench, Kristian Rogers, Harrison Scott, Nico Rubino, and Ryan Yoshida

In beginning the Sharps Shooters journey for the next generation of young hockey players, the Sharp Shooters 02 team also was created in the fall of 2009. They also first forayed against the competition at the fall 3 on 3, playing against competitors one, two and even three years older in the Squirt B bracket. They won two games and lost one. Then, again in the Squirt B bracket for the Winter Jamboree, the Sharp Shooters 02s went 2 and 1, against their older competitors. That team is pictured below from left: Brendan Ma, Jeffrey Lee, Max Scott, and Leyton Stenman