Learn and develop the important skills and tactics, plays and strategies that make hockey the most exciting sport on the planet!

Sharp Shooters Hockey offers a full hockey training program with competitive development of spring and summer teams for players at advanced skill levels.

We help elite players at their particular age group to take their skills to the next level. These players will be part of elite teams that participate in AA or AAA hockey tournaments. Our coaching and training of advanced skills and tactics will assist in the player’s development and preparation for high performance hockey at their corresponding age group.

Players will participate on a team consisting of players with similar skill level. They will learn both advanced fundamental skills, as well as advanced individual offensive and defensive tactics, regardless of their position. With a small group focus and quality training, our players will experience focused, individual coaching to help them succeed at higher levels of play.

Our approach is simple AND effective:

• Fundamental Skill Development is focused upon Skating and Stickhandling as well as Shooting and Passing.

• Individual Skill Tactics include those individual skills and required skills of a player in competitive and game situations.

  1. Face Offs (for all players and positions)
  2. Puck Control, Protection and Possession
  3. Heads-Up Playmaking
  4. Defensive Containment & Production
  5. Offensive forechecking
  6. Body positioning

• Team play tactics is focused
upon basic team systems

  1. Break Outs
  2. Break Ins
  3. Team Positioning
    (for all players and all positions)
  4. Sportsmanship
    1. To One’s self
    2. To One’s Teammates
    3. To One’s Opponents

• Tournaments chosen are those
promising the highest level of competition.

• Coaching. Sharp Shooters coaching
is USA Hockey certified and will assure the
successful skill development of all our players!