About Sharp Shooters

Goal and Mission: In a fun and nurturing environment that builds camaraderie, develop birth year kids into complete and accomplished hockey players who value strong character, integrity, honor and
a love for the game of hockey.

• Our philosophy is:

  • More ice time during games
  • More puck touches during practice
  • Coaching provides more individual attention & on-ice instruction for each player
  • Having advanced players leads to less distractions from players lacking attention
  • Harder workouts for the player due to less standing in line and goofing off during practice.
  • With proper technique and quality repetition, players will have the ability to work on each skill through a progression. With these smaller achievements players are motivated to practice, giving them the ability to master each skill.

• Coaching focus:

  • Advanced fundamental skill development
  • Development of primary and secondary positional play tactics.
    - Every player will learn multiple positions
  • Development of team play tactics
  • Beginning team system knowledge and execution
  • Game Situation Development
    -Individual skills and team tactics
  • Specialized skating and skill coaching.
  • Coaching is USA Hockey Certified
  • We provide goalie coaching
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Every player will learn offensive and defensive individual tactics regardless of position.

It’s all about the Training We offer quality training and tournament games. The key to success in hockey is the development of the fine motor skills and to create muscle memory. The only way to do that is through a high amount of quality repetition.

We support the ADM The American Development Model is a nationwide model for successfully developing American hockey players. Just as the ADM recommends splitting players up into equal groups based on skill level, we do the same. However, we only work with the top skill level group of players. Securing enough ice time is an expensive endeavor, but with the help of our FANSS, we strive to reach the number of ice touches recommended by the ADM.

We support the FUN and training diversity. Especially with our younger players incorporating fun into our on-ice and off-ice program is important and beneficial. We use games both on and off the ice, and encourage the player’s participation in multiple sports to help develop their agility, balance and coordination.